Modcan VCO Meanderings 1-2-3

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no sequencer sequence 1+2

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this is my rig for my show next week aside from the Oscope. 7thdansound and i have as usual been trading video ideas and this was my patch for our latest exchange. i can’t wait to see his!¡!

some karplus strong modcan style

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complex frequency modulation

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missing muffs 😦

Case Study Case

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I’ve been working with Matthew Goike for the past few months.  We’ve been working on a custom carry-on case.  Here is a video demo of the outcome.  I hope you enjoy!


nightvision modcan and friends

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Semtex USM Proto

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Semtex S prototype from Anyware Instrument.

New box, new knobs.

Semi modular Synth prototype

  • 2 Osc (FM + Sub) + RingMod + Noise
  • Multimode Filter with ind output
  • VCA

Semtex Prototype before :
Semtex before

and after :
Semtex S closeup

Home of the Semtex :