Noisering recreated in Numerology

Not too many things make me jealous of a Mac user.  Apples closed and proprietary machines really put a bad taste in my mouth.  And as far as workflow goes, it’s virtually the same or better on a Linux and/ or Windows machine.  But what makes me jealous, is some of the exclusive software it has catered towards musicians.  I’m not a big soft-synth guy, but the mac only Numerology has been a big interest of mine for a while now.  What made me really chomp at the bit was a post I saw over at Muffwiggler.  Baltimoroder recreated the Wiard Noisering using this software.  It’s not an exact representation of the Noisering since it seems to be run through a solid computer controlled quantizer, but it is definitely “Noisering-like”.  Here is an original Noisering example;  (I’m going to use my favorite Youtube Noisering video since my synth isn’t set up and I don’t have a video camera)

And here is the Numerology version made by Baltimoroder;

Here is the original post on Numerology’s Forums I know, I know, the former sounds much better since it’s run through a real LPG with an envelope, but it seems to function much like the Noisering itself.

~ by Waz on November 5, 2010.

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