Episode 21 – Sequencer Waveform

Analog sequencers do not only have to be used as note or control voltage providers. If you run them really fast the output can be used for sound, just patch it to a VCA and your speaker system. One way to run the sequencer fast is to clock it with the square wave output of an oscillator, that gives you pitch tracking as an added feature. This way you can actually play the sequencer! What you get is a waveform generator with a number of discrete steps that you can control arbitrarily.

In the case of the synthesizers.com Q119 sequencer that I use here, you can set it up as three channels of eight steps each. This means that the clocking oscillator needs to run eight times higher than the actual frequency you will hear. Not a problem for most analog oscillators and in fact, here it’s the Q119 that is the limitation. The highest note you hear in this example is the highest it will play.

The two other channels can be used to control just about anything. Either you mix them in for more complex wave forms or put them in some kind of stereo configuration. I chose to control a filter with them which got pretty wild for a while, sorry about the distortion…

~ by 7thdansound on November 18, 2010.

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