VC-303 Modular BassSynth
100% clone of the classic bassline synth in a modern
modular format.

just like a 303 only modular.

all on board controls and in/out.
high grade spring loaded jacks -3.5mm pcb mounted jacks to last a lifetime.
low profile 2 board design for use within a mobile system.
original n.o.s. transistors used.
all transistors matched for a pure sound.

connections are:
VCO – 1v/oct Keyboard in , Frequency Modulation CV in and Glide 0-5v in.
VCF – Frequency Control CV in.
ENV- Envelope CV out , Gate 0-5v in.
VCA – Accent 0-5v in and Audio out.

controls are the 303 standard:
Waveform Select – Saw / Square (303 type).
VCO Tune.
VCF Cut-off , Resonance and ENV MOD.
ENV Decay.
VCA Accent and Volume.

~ by bsmith92369 on November 21, 2010.

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