Triple video post

So, following a couple of discussions on I did a stint of three synth videos last night. Not so much to explain really, just watch them and you’ll see. It’s one with unusual inputs to the Sawtooth Animator, one with the LFO outputs of the S.Animator and a quick one showing some of the sync behavior of the Q106 oscillator and oscillator aid module.

~ by 7thdansound on November 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Triple video post”

  1. so whats going to go in that top left open space? ; )

  2. Oh, actually I’ve got three empty spaces and a lot of agony over what to put there. I think I’ve decided this is my last .com space so I have to chose carefully. The quantizer, sequential switch, an envelope and another oscillator are on my wish list. Oh and a Lopass Gate, or one of STG’s sequencer modules. And on and on 🙂

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