Here’s a cool dronemachine form Rio De Jainero / Brazil.

Basically it’s 8 VCOs, grouped in 4 pairs. In each pair, one oscillator can FM the other. You can control the modulation depth and choose between two types of modulation with a switch. I don’t quite understand these different modulation types. There’s also an AM section which can modulate each pair of oscillators separately. Amplitude modulation is still quite mysterious to me. There’s a switch that inverts the polarity of the modulating wave (square) and a knob that determines it’s width. There are 3 filters: 2 band pass filters, that act in different frequency ranges and a third one, very resonant, that I don’t know exactly what it is. It’s connections are 4 CV in, for each pair, clock in, clock out and 4 separate outputs for each pair.

He’s working on a manual for it.

Here’s his website with some info on the MD: (it’s in portuguese)

And here’s his Soundcloud account with some demos:

Or you could get directly in touch with him if you like:

~ by wavemultiplier on November 30, 2010.

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