MakeNoise René Sequencer / Personal Introduction

You may recognize me as the CSS guy around here, but I prefer synths to code.  I just got the new Make Noise René Sequencer in the mail and got it hooked up in my new Case Study bamboo boat, with 2 Make Noise MATHS, and Malekko/Wiard Anti-Oscillator & Borg (used as a low-pass-gate).  The video above is from a 1-take session with this new rig.  I have 2 other recordings after the jump, another video straight from my iPhone 4, and an audio recording.  All with the 808.

In all these videos, I haven’t explored a lot of René’s functions especially those in x-fun and y-fun modes, as well as the 2nd sequence function (except by accident once of twice, watch for it) and probably some other stuff I don’t even know about.  Let me know what I’ve missed in the comments.

This recording is what I made when I forgot to start the video camera, but audio was rolling:

And this is the first demo on René that I made after getting it powered up:

Look for more of these posts now that I am setup to make videos, and finally getting my euro-rack synth “finished”.  No euro-rack synth ever truly finished.   I am leaving free space to expand of course, I’d hate to have to get a-whole-nother case when I found another must-have “euro-crack” module.


~ by ptvn on December 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “MakeNoise René Sequencer / Personal Introduction”

  1. Everything about this post is bad ass! I especially liked the 1st video. Very well done!

  2. The voices are sooo cool, now that’s voice over I like!

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