Thirty-Five Modules

This patch was mixed on the modular in realtime, and recorded in one pass. As you might have guessed, it uses thirty-five different modules. The modules used are; Modcan Quantizer, Modcan Boolean, Modcan Mult, Modcan Divider/Switch, Modcan Dual VDO, Modcan Dual VCO, Wiard/Modcan Miniwave, Modcan Dual Mixer, Modcan Dual LFO, Modcan Quad LFO, Modcan Quad EG, Modcan Dual Multimode Filter, Modcan Matrix Filter, Modcan Frequency Shifter, Modcan 4VCA, Modcan VCA Panner, AI Mult, Moogerfooger Delay, Klee Sequencer, Blacet Binary Zone, Blacet EG1, Blacet Mixer/Processor, Blacet Micro LFO, Blacet Dual VCA, Blacet VCO, Wiard/Blacet Miniwave, Wiard Noise Ring, Wiard Borg Filter, Flight of Harmony Plagur Bearer, Suit & Tie Guy Wave Folder, Livewire Frequensteiner, Cynthia Zerocillator, Bugbrand PT Delay, Oakley Control3, and a Buchla/White 292c LPG clone.


~ by rezzn8r on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thirty-Five Modules”

  1. I have to say, that bass scared the crap out of me when it first came in. This is a really awesome track man!

  2. Oh and kudos for typing out everyone of the 35 modules lol…

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