Episode 28 Steep Decline (72dB Low pass filter)

You may have heard people talking about poles in the same sentence as filters. I’m no EE but from my understanding, poles are the smallest cells that build up a filter, each attenuating a signal by 6dB per octave. So that makes a two pole filter 12dB, like the old Oberheim SEM, and a four pole filter 24dB like the classic Moog transistor ladder. These poles are added up to the response wanted when a filter is designed. This can also be done with entire filter modules, such as those in a modular system. Just patch them in series and tune them to the same cutoff frequency (easier when self oscillating). Remember also to tune any modulation of the filters so they don’t go astray or the effect will be ruined.

Last night I did this with all the filters I have in my rig, two synthesizers.com Q107, an STG Post Lawsuit Lowpass and an STG Mankato. That adds up to 72dB/octave of meaty filtering! I made a video of me increasing the slope 6dB at a time and then there is an audio file with a 6 minute jam using the 72dB patch.


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~ by 7thdansound on December 7, 2010.

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