No-nicotine noodles

So, i’ve been trying to quit smoking. After stopping and starting the last few weeks i’ve decided I need to channel my cravings somewhere so I started working on a track that I could add bits to when feeling the need to smoke, as to distract my mind. I’m now a week free of smoking and this track has been keeping me going. Unfortunately it’s not finished and I actually have so much work to be getting on with that I can’t really justify much time for finishing this off until the new year. So for now, enjoy the fruits of my painful labour.

Instruments used are:

Doepfer A100 modular

Roland Juno 106

Logic’s ESM and ultrabeat

ALOT of different delays.



~ by polyroy on December 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “No-nicotine noodles”

  1. Nice, I used my bass to keep my mind and hands busy when quitting. Hope it works for ya.

  2. I really like this bassline. Great stuff. Good luck ditching the wicked weed.

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