Episode 29 Q130 Showcase

Episode 29 Q130 Clipper showcase

The Q130 Clipper Rectifier is the synthesizers.com wave shaper module. It is like someone said, a bit of an unsung hero.

Very subtle in its effect it still holds quite a bit of timbres inside, especially if modulated at audio rates. What it

does is it cuts off the tops of waveforms, adding some harmonics. Not quite like distorsion that makes waveform more square shaped by amplifying the signal until it clips. And it has voltage control of the clip level which is where the secret lies. In this demo I feed the clipper a sine wave and modulate the clip level with another audio rate oscillator and then sync them together and stuff. Check it out. There’s also a more artsy video where I “play” the patch, also available as HQ audio at soundcloud.


~ by 7thdansound on December 10, 2010.

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