Born of the Klee

Inspired by a Muffwiggler thread, I began patching today with a Klee Sequencer. Three bits lead a Blacet VCO over sixteen steps in a Minor key. Some STG Wave folding, and some ‘steiner filtering round out the first voice.

A second sequence from a quantized Binary Zone prods a Modcan 46B Dual VCO to follow along. The 46B is slow and slurry, as passed through an MF-104Z.  A modulated Modcan Matrix Filter provides some movement to this accompaniment.

Finally, a third sequence from a quantized Noise Ring draws a Modcan 62B Dual VDO into the fray. A Bugbrand PT Delay frolics in these digital delights, and warps time in the end.


~ by rezzn8r on December 13, 2010.

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