An Introduction to Wiard Synthesizer’s Mini Wave

Invented by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizer Company, the Mini Wave is described as wavetable audio, and control voltage processor. The Mini Wave can be used for a number of applications in the modular synthesis arena such as VCO and LFO duties, non-linear distortion and bit- decimation effects, as a quantizer, as a window comparator, or even as a voltage meter. The Wiard GR-1202 Mini-Wave later became the Model 342 Waveform City module in the Wiard 300 series format. The Mini Wave has also been ported to other modular formats by John Blacet of Blacet Synthesizers, Bruce Duncan of Modcan Synthesizers, and countless other MOTM/5U/Frac D.I.Y. enthusiasts. Conversion kits were once available to bring the Mini Wave to the Eurorack format, and one might also speculate that the Mini Wave partially inspired The Harvestman’s Model 1991 Piston Honda. One of the interesting characteristics of the Mini Wave is its use of EPROMs. Each EPROM holds 256 different waves that can be tailored to specific tasks, or functions. There are many different wavetable EPROMS available on the web, and users are also able to program custom EPROMS with the Wave256 software made available by Grant Richter. The most common Mini Wave modules from Blacet and Modcan are able to hold two EPROMS, but D.I.Y. enthusiats have been know to build expansion modules to access upwards of ten.

~ by rezzn8r on December 14, 2010.

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