Episode 34 – Buchla Style Lopass Gate

Buchla modulars have intrigued me for the a long time. Most modules are very advanced and take several “regular” modules to replace, if it’s even possible. But there is one, that actually seems to be an important part of the sound of Buchlas that is quite easy. It’s implemented using vactrols so any emulation using other modules will not be exact but other than that it is a shallow low pass filter followed by a VCA. Closing both at the same time, the filter a bit before the VCA, yields a more natural decaying sound than just a VCA does. In this patch I use the 6db/Octave output of the STG Mankato filter to get just a little filtering effect and then a regular synthesizers.com VCA.

~ by 7thdansound on January 4, 2011.

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