J.A.G. Jam

Wiard Synthesizer’s Joystick Axis Generator is a Frac format modular synthesizer module designed to process control voltages, or audio. Although the J.A.G. is no longer in production it can still occasionally be found used on the after market.

In this patch the J.A.G. processes the X and Y voltages from a joystick, and provides control signals for four filter parameters, two delay parameters, two wave folder parameters, and one envelope generator parameter. The J.A.G. is able to produce ten different output voltages from two different input voltages. The outputs are labled one through eight, Edge, and Dome. Dome is the only output that has attenuation. Each of the available output voltages is the opposite of another available output voltage. One is the inverse of five, two is the inverse of six, three is the inverse of seven, four is the inverse of eight, and Edge is the inverse of Dome.

Nine of the ten possible outputs are used in this patch. Output one modulates a Modcan Matrix Filter, output two modulates the input gain of a STG Wave Folder, output three modulates the Release CV of a Blacet EG-1, output four is not used, output five modulates the low CV of a Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer while output six modulates the high CV, output seven modulates a Livewire Frequensteiner filter in low pass mode, output eight modulates the delay time of a MoogerFooger delay, Edge modulates the delay time of a BugBrand PTDelay, and Dome modulates the fold CV amount of the STG Wave Folder.

The voices used in this patch are generated by a Zerocillator, and a Blacet VCO. Sequencing is done with a Klee and a Blacet Binary Zone with sus2/sus4 quantizing from a Modcan Dual Quantizer.


~ by rezzn8r on January 4, 2011.

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  1. cool!

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