Taal Tarang+FSRbox+Modcan

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Makenoise RenĂ© vs Elektron Machinedrum

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First post here on Noisesource, I’m Veqtor, I’ve been blogging at Veqtor’s Corner for a while now but when I heard about Noisesource’s idea to create a community-driven blog about synthesizers and modulars in particular I immediately joined the crew!
My first post also serves as a kind of introduction to my music, if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or on the video page.
Those of you who frequent Muff Wiggler might recognize me from there.

Makenoise René vs Elektron Machinedrum from Veqtor on Vimeo.

39 Mankato Bug Music

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The occasional bug music patch is fun. Sometimes I more or less just push cables in there to see what comes out, sometimes I have more of a plan. This time I wanted to see how the Mankato filter performed under heavy FM when used as an oscillator. Like someone said, some wild sounds in there!

Modcan Bug Music

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i often do melodic, rhythmic or otherwise organized sound. i have been having i rough few days so i needed to blow off some steam:

quantizer hijinx in stereo

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Episode 36 Modcan Scanner Envy

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The Modcan Scanner is 8 channels of pure awesome. It’s such a cool device I had to see if I could make something remotely similar with the stuff I have at hand in my synthesizers.com rig. The Modcan version has 8 channels but all I could muster was four. Partly due to lack of VCAs and partly because I only have a quadrature LFO, that is, an oscillator with four outputs, all 90 degrees out of phase. I use the excellent STG Soundlabs Mankato filter with full resonance (self oscillation) as the LFO and it works like a charm since it goes all the way down into sub audio. Such a beautiful little module. The Modcan scanner actually just fades between two outputs at a time but my patch has three of the four outputs more or less active at any given time which makes it a bit different sounding I guess. Also, all I can get is circular motion since the LFO is sine output only, the Modcan can be controlled with any kind of CV. Anyway, enjoy and please check out the artsy version as well, I kinda like its “tune”. Audio from that one can be had at Soundcloud.
Full length artsy video on Vimeo here:

Full length audio on Soundcloud here:

mo FSR

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these are now for sale!